TruEra a Finalist in 2021 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards

AI Excellence Award Finalist

The Business Intelligence Group names Truera Model Intelligence Platform a Finalist in its Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards program.

TruEra is honored to announce that it has been recognized as a finalist by the Business Intelligence Group for its annual Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards. The Business Intelligence Group recognizes those organizations, products, and people who bring Artificial Intelligence (AI) to life and apply it to solve real-world problems. TruEra was recognized for its Model Intelligence Platform, the first solution to help enterprises analyze machine learning, improve and monitor model quality, and build trust throughout the machine learning model lifecycle.

The Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards from the Business Intelligence Group are distinguished by the fact that judging is conducted by experienced and knowledgeable business executives. At TruEra, we are dedicated to customer success and to the success of fair, responsible artificial intelligence in the real world. With uniquely powerful ML explainability and model quality solutions, we are dedicated to helping machine learning become more useful to organizations, consumers, and citizens alike.

“We are delighted to have the impact of the TruEra Model Intelligence Platform recognized by the Business Intelligence Group,” said Will Uppington, CEO, TruEra. “We would also like to thank our customers, whose confidence in us and whose application of TruEra across a broad array of use cases helped contribute to this recognition.”

The TruEra Model Intelligence Platform helps companies to: 

  • Analyze and Explain Machine Learning
    Truera’s enterprise-class AI explainability helps data scientists explain model predictions and gain new insights into model behavior, improving the development, governance, and operationalization of models.
  • Improve Model Quality
    Achieving business results with machine learning requires not just high accuracy but high quality. Models need to meet their application business requirements and to be stable, reliable, explainable, and fair. Truera model quality analytics help data scientists improve their model quality so that their models deliver better business results.
  • Reduce Risk, Mitigate Bias, Build Trust
    The black box nature of machine learning models makes it hard to gain trust in their results. As a result, machine learning projects are subject to high failure rates, delays, and budget overruns. Unintentional bias may also introduce compliance and reputational risks. By providing model transparency and analyzing model fairness, Truera makes it possible to prove effectiveness and fairness to business, operations, model validation, compliance, and regulatory teams.

To read about how Standard Chartered Bank is using Truera to build trust in AI, read the case study: “Standard Chartered engages Truera to analyze and improve machine learning model quality, ensure responsible use of AI”

To view the full list of companies selected by the Business Intelligence Group, go to the Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards program.

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