Snowflake is acquiring the TruEra AI Observability platform

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We are excited to announce that Snowflake is acquiring the TruEra AI Observability platform to bring LLM and ML Observability to its AI Data Cloud. We are looking forward to this next phase in our journey with the Snowflake team with whom we share a commitment to delivering high quality, trustworthy AI at scale.   

Snowflake is committed to making enterprise AI easy, efficient, and trusted. Nearly ten thousand companies around the globe, including hundreds of the world’s largest, use Snowflake’s AI Data Cloud to share data, build AI and machine learning applications, and power their business. Snowflake is making massive investments in generative AI services (e.g. Snowflake Cortex AI) and end-to-end machine learning capabilities (e.g. Snowpark ML) to help customers build and deploy high-impact AI use cases that maximize the value of their data. 

At the same time, to deliver value to these customers, it is absolutely critical to ensure that generative AI applications and ML models built with these services are effective and trustworthy – that they produce accurate and relevant results and guard against risks such as hallucinations, unfair bias, toxicity, and more. This is exactly the problem that the TruEra AI Observability platform addresses by evaluating, monitoring, and debugging models and apps across the full lifecycle from development to production. 

We are excited to bring these world-leading capabilities to Snowflake and to join the team to enable effective and trustworthy end-to-end generative AI and ML capabilities for its thousands of customers. Our customers have told us they want both innovative technology and end-to-end solutions across the AI lifecycle that are easy to deploy, integrate and use. We are excited now that we can fully deliver that through the combination of TruEra and Snowflake.

Indeed we believe this path aligns well with TruEra’s mission to ensure effective and trustworthy AI for everyone. The core elements that we founded TruEra on 5 years ago – world-leading AI Research, hands-on experience with building and deploying ML, domain expertise with specific verticals, and most importantly, a shared passion to make AI adoption effective and safer at scale – will remain key in the next phase of our journey with the team at Snowflake. TruEra’s AI Observability product combines a scalable data infrastructure with AI research innovations to enable scalable ML monitoring, precise root cause analysis, and fast, accurate explainability. Our expansion into LLM Evaluation and Observability – initially with our open source TruLens library and more recently with our commercial offering – introduced technical concepts, such as the RAG Triad, and innovative ways of using smaller language models to cost-effectively scale up monitoring of LLM apps. We look forward to bringing these differentiated capabilities to Snowflake’s AI and ML services.   

We are grateful to the many TruEra customers and TruLens users who have joined us on our journey and believed in us. We have had the great pleasure of working with innovative organizations, leaders, and practitioners who have trusted us with mission-critical AI projects. These companies include Standard Chartered, AES, Harper Collins, Zurich Insurance, Haystaq, Equinix, Union Bank and KBC, along with a number of other Fortune and Global 500 enterprises whom we cannot name publicly, but upon whose support we have relied. We also appreciate the thousands of developers who have embraced TruLens, joined our community, and provided rapid feedback, shaping both TruLens and our commercial LLM Observability offering.  

Thank you to our partners, who have stood with us and shared many webinars, events, online educational courses, and cocktails, especially our partners at Intel, Nvidia, HPE, and Amazon, and our friends in the AI stack, Llama Index, Pinecone, OpenAI, Google, and Anthropic.

And of course, thank you to our hardworking and steadfast TruEra team members, past and present. Over the years, amazingly talented individuals have dedicated their time, skills, and passion to TruEra, helping us to accomplish great things in a very short amount of time. We have covered a tremendous amount of ground on this journey so far, and we are proud to have worked and to continue to work alongside you.

We are delighted to move forward on this journey with our new colleagues at Snowflake. The Snowflake leadership and engineering teams are truly impressive, and share our passion for high quality, trustworthy AI. We look forward to joining forces to help them drive their AI vision forward. Look for the TruEra team to be a major contributor to Snowflake AI initiatives soon.


Anupam Datta, President and Chief Scientist

Shayak Sen, CTO

Will Uppington, CEO

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