Trusted, transparent, and ethical AI for government.

Accelerating AI model adoption.

Clear outcomes at mission speed.

Although many agencies are experiencing a rapid growth of AI models in the lab, most will never make it from prototype to production. Why? Because of an inherent lack of trust or clarity in the model’s outcome.

It’s too difficult to explain how a model arrived at a result. This “black box” problem forces agencies to spend endless cycles reiterating in an attempt to explain model decisions.

TruEra solves these problems by providing rapid, at-scale intelligence across any model in every stage, from the test and diagnostics phase to validation and post-deployment monitoring.

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“We see TruEra as an essential partner… in how we build and operationalize higher quality, trusted AI models faster and more efficiently.”

Vishu Ramachandran, Group Head, Retail Banking
Standard Chartered

Comprehensive AI explainability, testing, evaluation, and monitoring capabilities.

Prototype-to-Production with absolute clarity
Works with popular model types
Model agnostic
Operationalize and Monitor with Confidence Chart
Trusted, ethical, transparent AI

Broad applicability - from DoD, law enforcement, and critical infrastructure to financial, healthcare, voting, and DMV systems.

Pandemic Risk

Predicting illness to ensure personnel readiness

The rapid spread of a contagious, high-impact illness could seriously hinder the ability to accomplish mission goals. TruEra can help improve the quality and trustworthiness of models that:

  • Predict the spread of an illness throughout a high-density barracks or housing facility
  • Forecast the speed and impact of illness in a self-contained space, such as an aircraft carrier
  • Determine how variances in weather, geography, density, or demographics influence the forecasted impact of an illness

Predictive Maintenance

Maintain the tactical advantage

Successful operations depend upon vehicles continuing to function as expected. TruEra can help with models that:

  • Minimize vehicle malfunction and increase uptime during mission operations with predictive maintenance.
  • Forecast the readiness of high value vehicles in a wide range of geographical environments, usage situations, or forecasted weather conditions.
  • Understand precisely why a model is forecasting component failure or requiring maintenance action


Identify and reduce unjust bias

Unjust or biased outcomes can erode trust in AI models. TruEra can quantitatively demonstrate the efficacy and fairness of a model outcome, assisting with the implementation of models that:

  • Evaluate candidates for specialized roles
  • Determine which candidates are eligible for merit-based promotions
  • Review forthcoming or historical personnel actions for fairness


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