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techtrailblazers ai runner up 2023

TruEra named a 2023 AI Trailblazer by Tech Trailblazers.

Innovation and experience matter

Enterprise-class explainability and model quality

TruEra's core explainability and model quality capabilities have been proven to be significantly faster and more accurate than currently available tools. Based on six years of research performed at Carnegie Mellon University, the TruEra solutions perform sophisticated sensitivity analysis that enables data scientists, business users, and risk and compliance teams to understand exactly how a model makes predictions and how it is performing against key quality metrics.

Full lifecycle AI Quality Management

TruEra drives high model quality throughout the lifecycle, which means that models stay in production and consistently achieve their business goals. TruEra has the broadest and deepest set of solutions available, analyzing several facets of model quality including:

  • Accuracy
  • Generalization
  • Conceptual soundness
  • Stability
  • Reliability
  • Fairness

TruEra works with the full AI ecosystem

TruEra works with a broad range of model development, serving, and logging solutions, along with a full range of data stores. So, for example, it doesn't matter if the model was custom built by your team, built using DataRobot or Dataiku, or served by Sagemaker or Algorithmia, TruEra can work with it to provide you with model intelligence for all of your models. If you have only one high stakes model or hundreds of models, TruEra is your AI Quality Management answer.

Easy, fast deployment

TruEra embeds easily within your existing infrastructure and workflow

  • Deploy on premises or in your cloud, including private cloud, AWS, Google, or Azure
  • Integrate easily with popular model development and model serving solutions
  • Scale from one to hundreds of models, and thousands of model versions
  • Export data via APIs to BI tools such as Tableau and Looker

Experienced, customer-focused team

The TruEra team features deeply experienced technologists, business executives, and customer support, and is dedicated to your success

  • Product, engineering, and research teams with some of the deepest AI experience in the industry
  • An executive team with a solid track record of success in data, analytics, enterprise applications, and AI
  • Experienced enterprise sales and support to ensure successful scoping, onboarding, and ongoing execution
  • Deep experience in industry verticals, such as financial services, media, retail, and utilities, as well as in AI regulation
  • A company fully united in its commitment to customer success

A crack research team driving AI forward

TruEra is based on robust, cutting-edge research on AI explainability and model quality. It's TruEra's deep dedication to research that has produced a definitively superior solution, and it's our ongoing commitment to technology advancement and customer success that will ensure that you achieve the outcomes you need both today and in the future. Check out our latest research.

TruEra adds value throughout the model lifecycle

TruEra Feedback for Debugging mobile Dark
TruEra Feedback for Debugging Dark


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