TruEra Culture

Mission: Ensure effective and trustworthy AI for everyone.

Have a positive impact

We seek to have a positive impact on the world and our customers by enabling effective and responsible adoption of artificial intelligence. We view our customers’ success as our own success. We strive to make our customers successful, thus creating a positive ripple effect in the communities in which they operate. 

We are one team

We are in this together. We share a common purpose. We give credit where credit is due, avoid petty politics, and brilliant jerks. We recognize that life at and outside of work matters. We are a positive, inclusive, empathetic community.

Create what’s not there

We think big, explore, and work hard on bold, creative ideas in pursuit of our mission. We stand on the shoulders of giants and do not reinvent the wheel.

Be open and reasonable

We share ideas, listen to others, provide constructive feedback, and are open to changing our point of view. We reason through tough problems, brainstorm collaboratively, gather data, examine all supporting evidence, and decide to execute on the best ideas that emerge through this process.

Commit and move fast

We value calculated risk-taking, speed in decision making, and moving fast to test hypotheses, learn, and iterate. Once decisions are made, we commit to them even if we disagree.

Own and steward

We are all owners in this company and we act that way. When we notice a problem, our first instinct is not “this is someone else’s job” but “what can I do to help.” We take ownership and get things done. We act as stewards for work streams and take on responsibility to create long-term value for the company as well as for our own teams. We act in the best interest of the company and strive to be a model for everyone through our actions.

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