Seamless LLM Observability

Monitoring, evaluations, and analytical workflows for your LLM applications.

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truera monitor

Ensure that your LLM application is consistent and reliable in production.

truera evaluate

Automatically detect problematic inputs, responses, and segments using feedback functions.

truera debug

Follow ready-to-use analytical workflows to debug issues and improve the performance of your LLM application.

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“By leveraging TruLens early in the dev cycle, my team has improved app metrics, such as relevance and groundedness, by up to 50% and reduced iteration time from 2 weeks to 2 hours.”

– Ravi Pasula, Head of AI, Equinix

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“We have been happy to be an early adopter and contributor of the TruLens open source project… We have started integrating TruLens into our Generative AI development pipeline.”

– Michaël Mariën, Chief Data Scientist, KBC Group

We support dozens of LLM app types, each powering a wide range of use cases

TruEra rag triad
TruEra has unique expertise evaluating RAG applications with the RAG Triad.

Use Cases

  • Customer support
  • Shopping assistant
  • Internal copilot
  • Content generation
  • Call summarization
  • Enterprise search

App Types

  • RAG
  • Search
  • Summarization
  • Agents
  • Chat

+ Many more

TruEra rag triad
TruEra has unique expertise evaluating RAG applications with the RAG Triad.

LGTM is not a metric

Don’t leave it up to “Looks good to me.”
TruEra offers a comprehensive set of ready-to-use feedback functions to evaluate your LLM application.

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Support across the entire LLM application lifecycle


trulens experimentation

Increase the speed of experimentation by logging and evaluating traces.

  • Ready-to-use feedback functions
  • Custom feedback functions – create for your use case
  • Compatibility with any Python framework
  • Runnable with your app or on logs
trulens experimentation
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Pre-production testing

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Test and deploy your LLM application with confidence.

  • Systematic testing on production-ready LLM applications
  • Version leaderboard for efficient CI/CD practice
  • Automatically generated test sets for version comparison

Production monitoring and debugging

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Detect and debug quality issues in production LLM applications

  • Actionable alerts
  • A/B testing
  • Performance debugging worfklows
truera feedback function 2024

Easy Integration with your AI stack


OSS TruLens

Try out TruLens, the open source library for LLM app testing and tracking.

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TruEra SaaS

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