TruEra Appoints Harish Sharma as Sr. Advisor in Financial Services

Harish Sharma AI Advisor, Financial Services

Financial risk and banking expert broadens TruEra involvement with AI Quality for financial services

TruEra is happy to announce that Harish Sharma has joined TruEra as a Senior Advisor in Financial Services. Harish is a finance and risk executive with over 15 years of experience solving problems at some of the world’s most recognized financial services firms, such as Bank of America, HSBC, and Capital One.  Harish has a deep understanding of developing and managing strong relationships with regulators as well as internal stakeholders, including business heads, internal audit and the Board of Directors. Most recently, Harish served as a Managing Director and Head of Model Risk at Bank of America, focusing on consumer financial services as well as global wealth and investment management.

With a background in engineering, Harish has specialized in advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies and their application to solve business problems.  For example, Harish helped a major bank establish appropriate processes, controls and governance to ensure Artificial Intelligence is used to serve the customer and employee needs in a fair and trustworthy manner. 

“We are delighted to have Harish contributing his expertise, deep curiosity, and transformative mindset to our efforts at TruEra,” said Shameek Kundu, Head of Financial Services, TruEra. “Harish has a deep understanding of rapidly advancing and changing technologies along with an expertise in banking products, services, and processes. Harish has successfully re-imagined the way a financial institution serves customers and manages its business. This has deep relevance to the transformational change that TruEra can bring to a financial institution’s AI efforts.”

“I firmly believe that TruEra’s AI Quality solutions can bring new opportunities to financial services firms, not only in terms of increasing the effectiveness of existing models, but also in expanding the possible services that a bank can provide,” said Sharma. “They also can help banks with managing risk and demonstrating trustworthiness to customers and regulators. TruEra has a critical role to play in any AI stack.”

Harish holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and has an MBA in Finance from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

Learn more about TruEra’s solutions: AI Quality for Financial Services

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