AI Observability Leader TruEra Achieves SOC 2 Type II Security Certification

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Third-party audit demonstrates that the TruEra platform manages customer data with the
highest standards for security, availability and confidentiality

Redwood City, Calif. – Oct. 18, 2023 – TruEra, which provides the first suite of AI Observability solutions for AI and LLM app monitoring, testing, and debugging, announced today that it has successfully completed its Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type II certification. The certification follows a successful audit in accordance with the standards defined by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). Achieving this standard, documented with a third-party auditor’s opinion, serves as validation of TruEra’s enterprise-class security and controls. 

SOC 2 defines its security and governance criteria based on five “trust service principles” — security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy. Certification demonstrates a company’s ability to not only implement critical security policies but also prove compliance over an extended period of time.

“TruEra is committed to the highest standards for security, availability and confidentiality,” said Will Uppington, Co-founder and CEO of TruEra. “SOC 2 certification confirms to our customers that their data are protected to enterprise class standards.”

A SOC 2 Type II audit is performed by an accredited CPA firm that verifies that all necessary safeguards are in place to protect customer data and that those safeguards are operational. TruEra’s audit was conducted by Prescient Assurance.

TruEra’s security foundations include:

  • Encryption Policies – ensures the security of data at rest and in transit through the deployment of modern encryption algorithms
  • Secure Development Lifecycle – which ensures that TruEra adheres to the highest security guidelines in its development and deployment  process and minimizes software vulnerabilities
  • Business Continuity Plan – TruEra’s multi-layer disaster recovery strategy ensures that TruEra is prepared to provide its services even in extreme circumstances
  • Device and Asset Management – which ensures that all TruEra devices and assets are secure and managed with industry-standard compliance, including a zero trust security model 

TruEra’s SOC 2 Type II audit certification follows the company’s recent launch of TruEra AI Observability, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering that provides full lifecycle AI observability for both predictive and generative AI.  TruEra AI Observability provides AI and LLM app monitoring, testing, and debugging capabilities that help customers quickly build and maintain high quality machine learning applications. TruEra helps ensure that these models perform as intended, are explainable, deliver real business results, and avoid risks like bias or drift. TruEra’s global customer base includes major banks, insurers, publishers, retailers and technology companies.

TruEra AI Observability’s testing and evaluation capabilities for predictive AI are available for free by signing up at: TruEra AI Observability free offer.

TruEra also offers TruLens, an open source LLM Observability solution. Learn more at

About TruEra

TruEra is the leader in AI Observability, helping companies to monitor, debug, and test their ML models in order to drive performance, quality, and trustworthiness. Powered by enterprise-class Artificial Intelligence (AI) Explainability technology based on over nine years of research started at Carnegie Mellon University, TruEra is able to facilitate faster, more accurate ML model monitoring, analysis and debugging than any other vendor. Organizations using TruEra can achieve higher quality, higher performing models that sustainably achieve measurable business results, address unfair bias, and ensure governance and compliance. Learn more at

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