Full Lifecycle LLM Observability with TruEra

Comprehensively test, debug and monitor LLM apps from development to production

truera llms observability
truera llms observability

Building LLM Apps is easy.
Making them reliable can be a lot harder.

human auto feedback 2

Collect human and automated feedback in one place

llm app 2

Build tests early into the app’s lifecycle

human auto feedback 2

Efficiently debug retrieval augmented generation (RAG) and agent apps

Comprehensive LLM observability

TruEra LLM records diagram mob 2023
TruEra LLM records Horizontal 2023

Make sure your LLMs are aligned

Wide range of LLM Apps

truera llm diagram 1

Evaluate a wide range of LLM apps including retrieval augmented generation (RAGs) and agents. These can be built on langchain, llama index or other custom frameworks.


  • Retrieval-augmented generation
  • Query planning
  • Data agents
  • Streaming 
  • Summarization
  • Marketing/sales copy
  • Tuning experiments

Built with

  • Langchain
  • LlamaIndex
  • Custom frameworks
truera llm diagram 1
truera llm diagram 2

Wide Range of of Evaluations

truera llm diagram 2

With TruEra feedback functions, you can measure a wide range of automated, human and traditional metrics on your LLMs. You can also track your own metrics at scale.


  • Relevance
  • Groundedness
  • Custom evaluations
  • Prompt sentiment
  • Language mismatch
  • Transcript length
  • Response verbosity
  • Fairness substitution
  • Toxicity
  • … + Manual feedback

Comparisons and A/B testing

truera llm diagram 3

Compare multiple approaches at the same time to understand tradeoffs between cost, latency and performance.

truera llm diagram 3
truera llm diagram 4

Reporting and Monitoring

truera llm diagram 4

Over time, model performance can change due to changes in the underlying model performance and data drift.